25/10/18 – i2 Signposting: using dynamic landing pages to facilitate student engagement & progression

Brief: This session will explore the notion of subject ‘signposting’ (i.e. providing direction for students) via a dynamic landing page within subjects at CSU.

Context: A subject’s landing page (home) represents a unique opportunity to continually engage with students in an otherwise potentially isolated learning experience. In terms of Teacher Presence, there is genuine potential for both personalising the learning and teaching environment and providing transparency in terms of expectations of students. We will look at a number of in-practice examples of dynamic landing pages used at CSU and the experiences of the practitioners associated with them.

Presented by: Lachlan Kalache

When: Thursday, October 25th 2018 (10:00am – 10:45am)

Where: https://connect.csu.edu.au/csu_olm

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