19/10/18 – Adobe Connect Basics (Online Workshop)

Brief: This 45 min workshop will introduce the basic functionalities for using CSU’s remote delivery platform: Adobe Connect.

Context: Specific elements covered in the workshop include:

  • Technical housekeeping
  • Personalising your online meeting room
  • Basic pods (chat | attendees | webcam | Screen + Doc Share | Notes | Link share | File Share)
  • Recording Live sessions & the ‘back end’ of Adobe Connect
  • Making recordings available to others + basic editing
  • Pre + Post session planning / activities
  • The Interact 2 Online Meeting Nav Bar Item

This live workshop will be repeated at the beginning (week 1) of each session. The subsequent ‘Advanced Skills’ workshop will be similarly be held in week 2 of each session.

Presented by: Lachlan Kalache

When: Friday, October 19th 2018 (10:00am – 10:45am)

Where: https://connect.csu.edu.au/csu_olm

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