11/10/18 – OLM Element Workshop C (Interaction with the Professions)

Brief: This workshop will explore the OLM Element ‘Interaction with the Professions’  (IWP) and examples of successful implementation within subjects at CSU (i.e. thinking beyond ‘work placement’).

Context: The Online Learning Model evaluation found that students value connection with professional contexts vary highly, whereas many teaching staff are grappling with how to  make IWP relevant to their teaching. Connecting students with professionals and sites of professional practice can provide a valuable context for engagement with subject content and make clearer the relevance of the subject learning outcomes by connecting theory to practice.

Presented by: Alissa Brabin & Lachlan Kalache

When: Thursday, October 11th 2018 (10:00am – 10:45am)

Where: https://connect.csu.edu.au/csu_olm


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