12/11/18 (Monday @ 10am) I2 Subject Site Prep & Management Checklist

Brief: This workshop will run through a series of practical activities & advice for academics preparing their I2 subject site for the new teaching session.

Some of the topics canvassed in the presentation include:

  • Customising your I2 dashboard
  • Recommended ways to organise your subject site layout
  • Organisation of Assessment Content areas & Grade Centre
  • Planning your communication schedule – tools, frequency, expectations
  • Editing Learning Materials
  • Setting up the Online Meeting (Adobe Connect) item
  • Using the CSU Replay (Panopto) tool for Content creation
  • Tips & Trouble shooting

Presented by: Lachlan Kalache, Sharon Arrow

When: Monday, November 12th (10:00am – 10:45am)

Where: https://connect.csu.edu.au/csu_olm

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