Wikis are used to create a collaborative space within the course/subject where all students can view, contribute, and edit content.

In Interact2, the Wiki tool allows students to contribute and modify one or more pages of course/subject related materials, providing a means of sharing and collaboration. Pages can be created and edited quickly, while tracking changes and additions, allowing for effective collaboration between multiple contributors. You can create one or more Wikis for all course members to contribute to and Wikis for specific groups to use to collaborate. Wikis can also be used to record information and serve as a repository for course/subject information and knowledge.

You have the ability to view all changes to all pages in the Wiki, and can view the changes at a high level and then drill down to retrieve information about the contributions from any individual.

You can choose whether to assign a grade to student contributions to a Wiki. After a Wiki is set to be graded, a grade column is created automatically in the Grade Center. Individual student and group contributions then can be graded inside the Wiki tool, where all pages and edits can be referenced as the grade is determined.


To create a Wiki: From the Control Panel, click Course Tools  > click Wikis > and Create Wiki in the adjacent content frame.


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Can I copy the wiki to another site?

The answer is NO discussions and wikis were designed so as NOT to copy.
Something to do with it being user created content.

Now why they would include a check mark in the Course Copy tool that clearly says “Wiki”?
this is so that the space is created in the new course ready for new content to be created.

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