Interact2 email is a tool designed to help you communicate with students and fellow staff members and enables you to send email to external email addresses of site members.

The Interact2 email tool allows you to send emails to select students, or an entire class.
It is not necessary for the you to know the email address of the individual receiving the email.

Interact2 keeps no record of emails, but a copy of sent messages are saved in the user’s CSU email account.

There are differences in default settings of the email tool between course sites and organisations.
By default, those with a student role (in a course or subject site) cannot use the tool to send emails to others in the site, whereas by default those with a participant role (in an organisation) can use the tool to send emails to others in the site.


To send an email:  From the Control Panel, click Course Tools > click Send Email > and select an option in the adjacent content frame.


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