Making Offline (Accessible) Adobe Connect Recordings

How to Make Offline (Accessible) Recordings

 Adobe Connect meetings are saved in flash format (.flv) which has limitations for:

  • Students with iOS devices unable to play .flv files (unless they have a flash enabled browser)
  • Students who wish to watch the recording in chunks or offline
  • Preparation of audio transcripts/captions

As a host, you are able to make an offline version to download to a computer, or make available to students.  The offline version can be uploaded to CSU Replay to publish in Interact or the file made available to download as an MP4 version. The following article provides academics with an easy to utilise set of instructions which can dramatically improve the time taken to provide students with Word transcriptions of Adobe Connect meetings.

Access Adobe Connect Central

Currently there are two ways hosts can gain access to the backend of Adobe Connect Central to download recordings as an MP4.  They are:

  • Their online meeting room
  • Within Adobe Connect Central

From the online meeting room

  1. Open the Adobe Connect room
  2. In Meeting Menu, select Manage Meeting Information
    This takes Hosts into Adobe Connect Central

From within a meeting room in Adobe Connect Central

  1. Log on to Adobe Connect Central at CSU Adobe Connect page with your Adobe Connect username and Adobe Connect password
  2. Click Host Tab
  3. Hover mouse over the room name, and select Edit
    The details for the meeting room are displayed

Make a Recording in MP4 Format

  1. Go to Recordings Tab
  2. Find the recording to be made into an offline recording
  3. Under Actions, select Make Offline
    The Offline Recording window will open
  4. This image shows what the offline recording dialogue box contains
    offline recording dialogue box


Offline Recording dialog box

It is important to follow the recommendations:

  • Creating an offline recording is done in real time. That is, it takes the same amount of time as the duration of the meeting.
  • Hosts should save the play back recording to a local drive and not to a network share location.
  • Set the screen resolution high enough to include all activities that occurred in the original meeting
  • Avoid network or system intensive activities such as installing software or downloading files during the recording process
  • Disable screen savers and monitor power settings before proceeding


  1. Click Next

Offline recording dialogue box which shows the settings a user should utilise
Offline recording dialogue box

Offline Recording settings dialog box

  1. Format: select MP4 format (recommended)
  2. Video Quality: Mobile, Desktop, High Definition, Full High Definition
    The higher the resolution, the larger the output file
    The default is HD
  3. Click Proceed with Offline Recording
  4. Save the file with a meaningful name to a hard drive location on your computer
    Saving to a server will take longer and it could crash
  5. The recording will play in real time. On the bottom right hand side the duration of the recording will show.
    Reduce the volume and minimize the window to continue with other work.


Long recordings can be broken into shorter sections: 

  • Pause/Resume will temporarily stop the recording.
  • Stop and save ends the creation of a recording.
  • Start New creates a new file from where you left off.
  1. When you are finished with the recording, click Stop Saving

Recording Summary dialog box

Recording Summary Dialogue box
Recording Summary Dialogue box
  1. Click OK to finish.

    The recording/s can be located in the location specified as an MP4 file.

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