XMind is a mind mapping tool for iOS and Windows PC. It can create other chart types such as organisation, tree, logic, timeline and matrix.

XMind is available for free with several features locked behind a paid subscription; XMind Pro.

The following short introductory video shows you what XMind is about.


XMind uses templates to automatically lay out your charts. You can keep this formatting or move items around to your liking. Icons, notes and other elements can be added with one click from the menus on the right of the screen. Completed charts can be saved in various formats for presentation, sharing or collaboration with others.

Go to the XMind download page and download either her the EXE or the ZIP versions offered. You can use the EXE to install the program on your computer. The ZIP version is portable and best saved to a thumb drive or external hard drive to take with you and use on other Windows PCs.

iOS users can get the Xmind app from the Apple App Store.

Quick Guides

Video guides for using XMind can be found on the product website or official YouTube channel.

Trouble shooting

A knowledge base, support center for your questions, a feedback page and a user forum can be found through the XMind Support Centre.
An FAQ is also available.

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