1: External Educational Technologies for Learning and Teaching Policy

External Educational Technologies for Learning and Teaching Policy

This policy regards the use of External Educational Technologies (EETs). The policy recognises the tension between open, networked practice and institutional obligations around risk, and seeks not to control or inhibit the use of EETs, but rather to support mindful, appropriate choices. The policy related to the use of EETs for learning and teaching, including staff use when posting about the University.

External Educational Technologies for Learning and Teaching Guidelines

Accompanying the policy are related policies, documents and guidelines which you may want to consider in relation to using EETs.

About the technology itself

Things to consider with any technology use:

  1. What security/privacy features are provided by the tech/website and are they sufficient for the activity/assignment without endangering students and their personal information?

  2. Will the information uploaded to the tech/site be publicly accessible or not? What are the ramifications if so/not?

  3. Does the tech-based activity require higher levels of broadband than is required by CSU for online students?

  4. Will this tech be equitably accessible by all students enrolled in the course (any limitations for users in other countries? Mobile access?

  5. Accessible to students with vision or hearing impairment?)

  6. Does the site/tech cost the students any money for subscription? Is it a “lite” or “30 day trial” that might require students to pay in the future if they would like to continue to access the work they have posted there or access more/better site features?

  7. What information does the site glean from users and is that worth the usefulness of the tech/app provided?

  8. Have you carefully read the terms of subscription/use of the external tech and deem it appropriate for educational use?

(Source: CSU Wiki https://wiki.csu.edu.au/index.php/Main_Page)

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