Simulation & Multi-modal Online Delivery with MGT173

Amita Krautloher is an academic based at the Port Macquarie campus, who specialises in business management and has taught into MGT173 for a number of years.  The subject, a clone of MGT100 and credit bearing, is a component of the Diploma in General Studies presented across multiple campuses.  Amita uses a range of online learning tools to communicate with students and provide an online experience that will support student learning and assist them into their future studies.

Developing their own simulated businesses through workshops designed to replicate the process of setting up a business, students allocated to teams are exposed to scenarios as they work through the subject content.  Teams are created with student career choices in mind to start to develop a sense of collegiality.  Teams are then provided with an opportunity to see how management theory and its practices (e.g. government changes, market forces, and the economy) impact their developing business.  The learning is scaffolded via formative assessment and students finalise their learning by producing a business plan (based upon the learning and assessment feedback throughout the subject).Amita provides a variety of non-assessable resources to further the learners’ understanding through audio summaries of the textbook chapters..

..Interactive eBook chapters..

Online video activities, flashcards, crosswords and self-assessment tools.  There are also short quizzes and revision quizzes to further reinforce new concepts.

Discussion Forums for shared documents – The teams are encouraged to upload their business documents (e.g. meeting minutes) so peer teams and individuals can reflect on, respond to and rate via a star rating system.  This provides an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and commenting and encourages shared reflective dialogue.

For a subject that is not fully online, MGT173 is a great example of a shared learning space that encourages various elements of the Online Learning Model, including peer to peer learning.


Amita Krautloher teaches Business Management subjects at CSU’s Pt Macquarie campus

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