Virtual Teams & Collaborative PBL

Cathi McMullen is trying some new online strategies in her Management subjects this session. Following an initial consult with the Learning Online Unit and Education Support Coordinator, she’s starting using an embedded Padlet wall, ramping up her Teacher Presence and providing students with a progressive stream of updates over the session via a dynamic landing page. She’s also refined her subject navigation bar items to make the learner’s online experience more intuitive.

Cathi has also implemented a variety of technology tools for students to use in the subject’s largest assessment item – a collaborative group marketing report and individual reflection. Essentially, the students meet (in their groups / teams) regularly over the session, assume a variety of project roles, collect evidence and create content in collaborative online spaces and, ultimately submit their report and individual reflection regarding the entire process.

The tools used for this process are as follows:

  • Virtual Team Members: Groups created in i2 (blackboard), with Discussion board, file share and email enabled

  • Virtual Team Space: Content Area in i2 for each Team, containing their group tools, team online meeting room and collaborative building space (Team Google Spreadsheet)






  • Team Online Meeting Room: self-sustaining Adobe Connect Room created for each, with ‘auto promote participants’ enabled (no need for a host in rooms)




  • Team Meeting Content / Diary: Embedded Google spreadsheet in each team area, split into weeks (tabs) and allowing group members to collaboratively note weekly project updates over the session –> informing the final report and reflection.


Whilst setting up these self-sustainable group-work environments required some OLM team consultation initially, students appear to have taken to their team toolkit without issue and Cathi can unobtrusively drop into any of the team work areas to make sure they’re being utilised as intended.

More to follow once the final tasks start coming in.


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