Creating PDFs of Interact2 modules

Preparing PDF documents of modules and other subject material provides many benefits for students studying.  When available in this format students do not only benefit from being able to download and save, but assists in providing students with:

  • an alternative format for students who have limited internet
  • a prepared document for ease of printing
  • alternative format for students who may have a condition with reading online, or students who are just fatigued from looking at a computer all day.

The best practice for creating PDF’s of modules is to convert the module content from original WORD documents.  However If these are not available (as may be the case when information is edited directly into Interact2,  the following instructions from DLT will allow you to create a set of PDF resources for your students.

It is worth noting that once a student accesses the PDF of a module, you will be losing some of the analytics functionality inherent in the storing and presentation of materials in the Interact2 environment. Put another way, if students are provided with the PDF content of the entire subject upfront, their need to engage with other features of the Interact2 subject site such as discussion forums may be lessened. Your ability to collect information such as ‘content accesses’ will become problematic. As such, some thought needs to given to how and when these materials are provided, and these decisions taken in light of the overall learning design approach within the subject.

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